What are Rang De Evaluations?
Evaluations are post disbursal interactions with borrowers to understand how the loan has been utilised and the impact it has had for the borrower. These evaluations are done by Rang De Team members.

What happens after the Evaluations?
Evaluations are very important to everyone in the Rang De eco-system. Feedback from the evaluations is shared with the field partner as well as social investors. The field partners are expected to work on the feedback within a given time frame and communicate this to Rang De. Stories from the evaluations are shared with social investors on email.

What do we do with stories of not-so successful stories?
Evaluations are meant to report the reality as it is from the community. We share stories of hope and despair with social investors and work with our field partners to address areas of concerns. Evaluations also help the Rang De team in deciding on future course of action and intervention.

What are the different types of evaluation that are done?
We currently perform audio evaluations as well as field evaluations. Audio evaluations are done via phone conversations with the borrowers. Field evaluations are on the ground assessments done by Rang De team members by visiting and interacting with the borrowers.

What do the evaluations include?
Rang De evaluations aim to capture information beyond the loan and its impact. It covers the following areas: Loan & loan utilisation, Impact of the loan, Financial Literacy of the Borrower, Loan Process & Compliance, Degree of Indebtedness, Feedback on the Loan Representative and Feedback on the field partner. Evaluation reports are shared with Rang De field partners for them to take appropriate action and a summarised report is shared with the social investors by email.