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Auto Invest

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the much awaited ‘Auto Invest‘ feature!


You can now set your preference for Auto Invest and be assured that your Rang De Credit gets reinvested automatically to help other borrowers without having to logging in again for the same.


This means your investment doesn’t sit idle at all and is constantly working to help our rural entrepreneurs.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Login by clicking on this link OR you can access it through the settings page.

Step 2: Turn ON the auto-invest by checking the box.

Step 3: Set preferences for the kind of business you would want to invest it & how would you like to use your interest amount.

Once turned ON, this is how ‘Auto Invest’ will work:

1. Every Thursday between 6:00p.m. and 12:00a.m. IST, the system will check for your Rang De Credit Balance. (Please note it is subject to the availability of borrowers based on your preferences)

2. If your Rang De Credit is Rs.100 or more, it will get Auto Invested to borrowers based on your preferences.

3. Once an investment is made you will be notified through e-mail.

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It is good to have the Auto Invest but I am expecting something more (l have raised this issue previously but has not been resolved so far .. but I am optimistic :) )
Auto Invest should have the same options as I get when I login to the site like sector, state, business to invest etc. On a best effort basis these could be matched during Auto Invest. The current options under Auto Invest are too limited in my view.



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